Review: How to Train Your Dragon

* * * out of four stars

If you are going to see “How to Train Your Dragon,” see it in 3D. The movie really lends itself to the 3D effect. The locations and artistry in the film make for a flashy adventure that delighted the kid in me.

I did not see it in 3D because 3D usually gives me headaches. Now I wish I would’ve. DreamWorks’ latest animated feature takes place in a small Viking town populated with men and women who constantly engage in battle with dragons. We are introduced to the town by Hiccup (Jay Baruchel, “She’s Out of My League”), a young boy with no build and no ability to fight dragons. But not until he captures the most elusive dragon of all does he begin to change everything. He names the dragon Toothless, and I’m pleased to report that Toothless doesn’t talk. Toothless has a damaged wing thanks to Hiccup’s lucky shot, so Hiccup, after deciding he can’t bring himself to kill the poor thing, decides to mend the wing and train the dragon in secret.

This film as well as last year’s “Battle for Terra” are very similar to “Avatar.” However while “Battle for Terra” comes off as a huge rip-off, “How to Train Your Dragon” just has similar themes. The comparison of the two is being debated on the internet, but I thought “How to Train Your Dragon” stands on its own and doesn’t try to reflect any other movie.

The visuals are very good in the film. This is a movie with lots to look at. The dragons are both scary and cute, the Vikings are very over-the-top warriors (with the town’s chief being voiced by “300’s” Gerard Butler) and even eat their roasted chickens in entirety as single servings on a stick.

The moral of the movie is good and will appeal to the young, the animation and 3D effects should please kids of all ages and parents should get a kick out of it too.


One Response to “Review: How to Train Your Dragon”

  1. I first bought this a couple of years ago, along with the two others in the series, for my granddaughter as a Christmas present. I gave it to her along with a huge dragon puppet and she was thrilled. This more recent copy I bought for our library to celebrate the movie coming out. Everyone should read the book FIRST, before seeing the movie! This is such a great fun read! Excellent as a read aloud with family and friends!

    David and Louise

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