Review: The Bounty Hunter

*1/2 out of four stars

“The Bounty Hunter” is the kind of film where you see the trailer with hopes that it’s good, but hesitation that it may be bad. If it’s good, you’ll laugh yourself silly. If not… well, you’ll be bored and disappointed that two fine actors couldn’t pull it off. I didn’t laugh once during “The Bounty Hunter.” I was disappointed.

My negative rating probably tells anyone interested that this isn’t worth it, and I probably don’t have to elaborate further. I will describe the plot, but I want you, the reader, to decide based on my rating whether you wish to go.

Gerard Butler (“P.S. I Love You,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) is a former cop turned bounty hunter who one day becomes the luckiest man in the world when he is assigned to bring in his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston, “Friends,” “The Good Girl”). Milo (Butler) is ecstatic about this, and immediately sets out to track her. Meanwhile Nicole (Aniston) is a reporter hot on the trail of what could be a rocket blast of a story when a cop allegedly commits suicide. Nicole suspects something, and she’s dying to get to the truth. But when she ditches a hearing for assaulting an officer, she becomes a fugitive. Enter Milo.

As a couple, Aniston and Butler do not work. This is weird, because they are both good actors. It could be the script, which is very weak, or it could simply be the two don’t match. The problem is, the film wants us to believe they do. Chemistry is everything in a movie. If you don’t believe the characters’ reactions to each other, you’re not going to enjoy it.

The movie is part romantic-comedy, part action flick. It succeeds at neither. The humor and timing are off, the stunt sequences are too few and not very spectacular and the rest of the film, such as the supporting cast, is uninteresting and often annoying. There are certain characters in the film you feel like giving a swift punch in the face in hopes they’ll go away.

I’ll leave the rest of the film to your imagination. “The Bounty Hunter” is a weak film. It’s a good concept that looks good in the trailer, but it falls flat on its face.

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